Tuesday, December 8, 2015

YA Lit Truth or Dare Jenga

I really love dares. Enough to make all my best friends bachelorette dare lists. Enough to write a book about girls completing a list of dares as part of an elaborate plot to get revenge on the football team. And now, enough to make a YA Lit Truth or Dare Jenga set. Enjoy :)

How to Play: It’s just like regular Jenga, except you have to do what’s written on the tile you pull.

How the Points Work: There’s points. The points are bad. You can think of some ultimate dare punishment for whoever has the most points at the end, if you want. And if you want a game that’s more NA than YA, you could substitute a more grown up activity for the points. Like the kind for grown ups who are 21.

(Note: I put in book links in case people don't get all the references.)

1)    Categories (Pick a YA lit-related category – Harry Potter spells, Laurie Halse Anderson books, etc. First person to mess up takes a point.)
2)    Mila 2.0 (Do the robot. Feel free to crank some theme music.)
3)    Carrots (If there are any gingers at the table, please refer to them as “Carrots” for the duration of the game.)
4)    Sisterhood of the Traveling… (Swap an article of clothing with someone.)
5)    The Boyfriend List (You get to assign 1 point for every YA Book Boyfriend you can name in 20 seconds.)
6)    Fangirl! (What is the most embarrassing fan fiction you’ve ever written? Or read, if you’ve never written any.)
7)    Katniss (Volunteer as tribute whenever the Prim of your choosing is assigned points. But just until you’ve had your next two turns. Also, you know you have to do your best Katniss impersonation whenever you do this, right?)
8)    Dauntless (Group gives you a Dare.)
9)    Dauntless
11) Veritaserum (Group gives you a Truth.)
13) Alethiometer (Spin your Jenga tile, and whoever it points at has to answer a truth.)
14) Walk Off! (Challenge someone to an epic Beauty Queens-style walk off. Ladybird Hope would be proud.)
15) OCD Fan Story (What author are you so obsessed with that you made a total fool of yourself in front of them? And, yes, you have to tell the story, obvs.)
16) The Commandant (You make a rule that everyone must follow for the rest of this Jenga game. Feel free to torture anyone who disobeys – but, like, not really.)
17) Etienne St. Claire (Shortest person takes a point.)
18) Cricket Bell (Tallest person takes a point.)
19) Simon Says (If anyone is wearing a blue shirt/dress/yoga pants, send them flirty text messages whenever it’s their turn. Bonus if you can working in Oreos.)
20) The Renesme (Pick someone to imprint on and go sit in their lap until your next turn.)
21) Sons of Adam (Guys take a point.)
22) Daughters of Eve (Girls take a point.)
23) Bruxis/Scuppy (What would you do if you had a bruxis right now? And no, you can’t pick world peace. What would you do if you had a scuppy?)
24) Ship it good (Pick a Team – Team Jacob, Team Peeta, Team Will. Anyone not on your team takes a point.)
25) Professor Trelawney (Make a prediction about who you think will knock the tower down by pointing at them and saying “You have the Grim!” If you’re wrong, take 10 points. If you’re right, give 10 points.)
26) 17 First Kisses (Assign 1 point for every person you’ve kissed that you can name in 20 seconds.)
27) TTYL (You are only allowed to use teen girl internet speak until your next turn.)
28) Cinder + Iko (Pick a BFF. Whenever one of you gets or gives points, the other does too.)
29) Shahrzad (Tell the group a story about you that no one else present knows. And it better be a good one, or you’ll be executed. Or at least be given 5 points.)
30) Dumplin’ (Lip-sync Jolene by the legendary goddess Dolly Parton. If you’re half as good as Willowdean, someone at this table is guaranteed to fall in love you.)
31) Winterkill (Everyone has to say mayhap instead of maybe and if you forget, 1 point!)
32) Being Sloane Jacobs (Everyone says what character in YA lit is their Doppleganger.)
33) The DUFF (You are now the designated drink and snack getter for the rest of the game. But you’re not ugly. Or fat. In fact, your hair looks really great today. Also, the other players will refer to you as “Duffy” when asking, and if they forget, you get to give them one of your points.)
34) Pretty Little Liar (What would A use if she was blackmailing you? Don’t lie.)
35) Beware theWild (The bathroom is now the meanest swamp in Louisiana. If you go into the swamp, you have to pretend to be a YA character when you get back – at least, until someone guesses who you are.)
36) Wake (Please tell everyone about the last strange embarrassing dream you had.)
37) The New Hotness (Assign 1 point for every YA debut from this year that you can name in 20 seconds.)
38) Bella Swan (Pick someone else to put this tile on top of the tower for you because, let’s be real, you would knock over THE WHOLE DANG THING.)
39) Suitcase! (Cram yourself into a suitcase Open Road Summer-style. If there is no suitcase to be had, cram yourself into a space that is similar in its comical smallness.)
40) Puck (Puck’s a bad ass. Girl or not, she’ll ride in the Scorpio Races. And when she plays Jenga, you better believe she doesn’t pull the center tiles. And now neither do you.)
41) Gallagher Girl (Shhh. Be cool. Be cool. You mission: Touch your finger to your nose. The last person at the table to do so gets a point and is clearly not cut out to be a spy.)
42) Compose a toast for your favorite YA villain. (My money’s on The Darkling.)
43) Hate Spinnerbait! (Assign 1 point for every Sarah Dessen book you can name in 20 seconds.)
44) Just Visiting (Vic from JV has basically the hottest make out scene ever. And it’s in a field. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever “Just Visited”?)
45) Genovian Princess (After you place this tile on top, do a royal wave that would make both Mia Thermopolis and the Queen of YA proud.)
46) Be the Bookshelf (Please demonstrate your best planking skills.)

I only made 46 even though there are 54 Jenga tiles because it’s always good to have some blanks in case of awesome tile epiphanies. Let me know if you have any!