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  1. Hi
    My name is liz lawton I am a fully qualified librarian who after having an accident had to leave my role as manager SLS blackpool. 

    I have now been out of work for 6 years and have been medically retired, but recently I have begun volunteering at my sons school library, which was none existent before I began. I have slowly single handedly catalogued reworked and rejuvinated what was a resource not being used to its full potential.
     I am emailing you to find out if you have promotional items e.g posters, cards, book marks, promo books. And proof reads. That we could become owners of at our new library to help make it look inviting and also a fun area.
     I am hoping that you will feel able to donate some items for us to use and if we can do anything for you that could aid promotion of your up and coming books we would love to reciprocate in anyway. 

    Thanks for reading my mail