Saturday, December 3, 2011

Halloween Photos

I know, I know, I should have posted these a month ago, but things have been CRAZY with school and are just now starting to calm down.

In case you don't already know, Zack and I are really big on Halloween. We begin planning our costumes months in advance, and they often involve things like wigs/spray glue/every tube of green body paint in the city of Atlanta. This was our 8th Halloween together (one year Zack was out of town), and this one was really special because it was our 1st Halloween with Ansley. Instead of our usual couples costume, we had to find a theme for the whole family. The possibilities were endless.

After intense debate over the best way to utilize a baby in a Halloween costume, we decided on Alice in Wonderland. Here's a picture of me as Alice and Ansley as the white rabbit. She is checking her clock to discover she's late for a very important date.

In this shot, Ansley is looking at the camera. Doesn't she look happy about her bunny costume?

Is anyone else reminded of this?

Here's one of Zack as the Mad Hatter. I'm pretty proud of my make up job! Ansley actually cried the first time she saw him with the wig on, and it took us a few minutes to convince her that it he was still her daddy under all that orange hair.

And here are a couple of Ansley asleep at her first costume party.


  1. Ahh!!! Oh my goodness, Rach - she's adorable! I love her little bunny feet prints =) And Zack does look amazing - nice work! I love this =)

  2. OMG, just saw this post! ADORABLE!!!!!!!