Saturday, February 25, 2012

Empowerment Project

I am constantly blown away by the women I'm friends with. For example, check out this project my friend Alina is starting:

She'll be posting submissions (artwork, poems, quotes, etc.) that empower rape survivors. How amazing is that? Alina is a rape survivor herself, but more important than that, she is brave and strong and funny and smart. The project will run a weekly post, and it's a way for other rape survivors (or really anyone interested in such an important issue) to share their stories and to have a place where they can find strength and joy.

I couldn't be more proud of what she is doing.

If you want to follow Alina on Twitter: @AlinaBKlein


  1. Alina is totally amazing. Love that you showcased her, Rachael.

  2. Thanks, Chan! I can't what to see where it goes.

  3. Oh my goodness, Rachael, I had no idea you did this. So sweet of you, my friend. It's very appreciated! <3

    And Chan, between the two of you you've made my day. :)