Saturday, September 24, 2011

Falcons Rise Up!

We went to the Falcons-Eagles game last weekend as the final segment of Zack's month-long birthday extravaganza. It was probably the best pro football game I've ever been to (the best college game being either Ga Tech v. Auburn 2003 or Ga Tech v. Clemson 2004). And we took the little one.

Here's a picture of Zack and Ansley waiting for a MARTA train. (Please note her infant sized Matty Ice jersey.)

Little does he know that in less than an hour, he'll be vigorously groped by the Georgia Dome staff. Thanks to a moronic Cowboy fan (of course his name is Leroy) who got taser happy at a Jets game, every NFL game is now stationed with security guards who are grabbier than a teenage boy at prom.

After getting some chicken tenders (Zack) and some cinnamon covered almonds (Me), we made our way to our seats (Thanks, Maxie!). The game was opened by none other than Mr. Go the F@k to Sleep himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

Since we were worried about the noise level, Ansley wore headphones. They seemed to work because she passed out during the 1st quarter.

With Michael Vick bringing his new team, the Eagles, to Atlanta for the first time, this game was huge. It started out great. Falcons - 21. Eagles - 10. Seven of those points belonged to Roddy White (Fantasy Points!), but rookie Julio Jones was an unexpected star.

I went to the bathroom thinking everything was great. By the time I got back, the Eagles had turned the ball over once and scored twice. Zack requested that I not go to the bathroom for the rest of the game.

Then Vick got hurt and had to leave the game. And Matt Ryan took a rough hit too - the kind that made Falcons fans across the stadium bite their nails. Or, in Ansley's case, her Falcons flag.

But the Falcons won in the end. Check out that score board.


  1. Ahhh I love it! And I love that I was with you during the other two "most memorable" football games =) She looks so much like Zack it's crazy.

  2. I know! Those games were so much fun! And so was our photo documentation!

    She does look a lot like Zack. Especially in the one of her chewing on the flag.