Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The YA Curator

Exciting news! I'm now part of an indie book recommendation site with some friends who also love reading and writing Young Adult books.

Check it out: The YA Curator

I was trying to figure out exactly how to describe what we do, and decided it would be much easier to paste Dawn's description directly from The YA Curator site:

We’re a group of Young Adult writers and enthusiasts who are spelunking the depths of the internet to find self-published and small press gems. Every Wednesday, one of us will post a review of a book we RECOMMEND. No bad reviews here. Just things we think you may enjoy reading.

Have a book you’d like us to consider? Remember it must be YA. If it is, tweet us the title & genre along with a link. We don’t read everything – only things that pique our interest.

Twitter: @TheYACurator


  1. That is the cutest Baby I've ever seen....glad you enjoyed the game! Maxie