Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 1, Part II

I'm finally getting to catch up! The rest of the day was crazy busy. We went to Pe'epe'e Falls and Boiling Pots to finish off our waterfall tour. There's an overlook where you can take pictures, but if you crawl between the rails on one side there's a steep path you can half hike, half climb down to get to the Boiling Pots (so, of course, I made Zack do this - he was very brave and there was only a little swearing involved).

Here's a picture of the Boiling Pots that you can only get by climbing down the cliff.

And here's one of the falls.

We were hoping to be able to hop our way out there from rock to rock, but the water levels were high so we'd have had to swim it. I thought about it. I did. But we decided against it, and I'm really glad because our friend informed us at dinner that there is a critter that lurks in the water that crawls up your, erm, yeah.

Speaking of that dinner, we had the most delicious dinner cooked by our friend Eric (the sashimi appetizer alone, omg), and it was so great getting to hang out with him again!

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