Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 2 - Snorkeling at Kapoho Tidepools

Another delicious breakfast at our B&B. This time there were coconut-macadamia nut scones to go with our fruit and smoothies. I finally got a picture of the fruit! Isn’t it pretty?

I had never had lychee until now and I love it! We got to try a ton of other fruits, including kumquats (did you know you eat skin even though it is orange-rind-esque?!), poha berry, and that crazy looking sour cherry thing you see in the picture (I forget the name of that one). Also, Lisa Matragrano is totally right about the papaya here. So much better than the stuff from South America (it's sweeter, lighter, and more buttery all at the same time), and now I’m ruined for life!

Oh, and another couple at the B&B had the cutest 6-month-old and now we’re both missing Ansley something fierce.

After breakfast, we ventured down to Pahoa for the Kapoho Tidepools which was hands down the best snorkeling experience of my life. Here's a shot of the tidepools - there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of little pools rimmed by lava rock right next to the ocean.

The water is unbelievably clear and calm. Check it out. Zack took this picture from OUTSIDE the water. Crazy, right? Look at that beautiful coral.

The fish were so friendly. This little guy was fascinated with Zack's feet.

This next picture isn't the best, but I'm trying to give you an idea of what it's like snorkeling in one of those little tidepools. The coral surrounds you almost like a cathedral or something. I totally felt like the little mermaid...and I may have been humming songs from that movie for the rest of the day :)

Here are a bunch of the other pictures I took, just because they're pretty.

And here's one Zack took of me snorkeling. This is the least embarrassing one. Whenever I give the underwater camera to Zack, it inevitably comes back with 50 pictures of my boobs.

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